JFS: Over 100 Employees Recruited Last Quarter of 2015

By Koen Verbergt on April 1, 2016

Over 100 Employees Recruited Last Quarter of 2015

Janssens Field Services (JFS) is expanding by the second. From September to December 2015, JFS has hired and trained a batch of 120 enthusiastic employees in their growing pool of over 500 experts.

The 120 recently recruited employees will no doubt further secure JFS’s capacity to address their new and existing customer’s needs. Hence, new contracts have been made with utilities, security companies, and ICT companies.

However, the expansion is nowhere near over. JFS aims to hire and train additionally more than 100 employees nationwide before June 2016.

The company is looking to hire dispatchers, call center agents, field engineers who will be trained to perform for our clients within telecom, security, and the smart energy activities. The following months would definitely present a perfect opportunity for all job-seekers in the field.

Thanks to the company’s highly esteemed JFS Academy, candidates are prepared and trained for the market. The training plan is designed to transform an average worker into a team player, multi-skilled, and motivated ambassador who aims to deliver outstanding customer experiences.

During the training, JFS instills the company’s core values and challenge them on choosing one of the 5 career paths within JFS, which are also known as the 5 P’s, namely: Performance, People, Partnership, Product, and Project.

Founded in 2006, Janssens Field Services will be celebrating its 10th Anniversary this April. Be part of our success and partner with us! Send your inquiries by clicking this link. If you’re interested in joining our team of multi-skilled engineers, click here.

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