Janssens Field Services joins SOLUTIONS 30

By Koen Verbergt on May 11, 2016

Janssens Field Services joins SOLUTIONS 30 to step up its growth in the Benelux countries and expand its capacity to serve pan-European customers

Antwerp –JANSSENS FIELD SERVICES (JFS) and SOLUTIONS 30, Europe’s leading provider of Solutions for New Technologies, today announced a strong strategic alliance. Thanks to the acquisition of 50% of its shares by SOLUTIONS 30, JFS gets access to the vast European network of SOLUTIONS 30.

Christophe Vervroegen (COO JFS), Gianbeppi Fortis (CEO SOL30) en Koen Verbergt (CEO JFS)

Christophe Vervroegen (COO JFS), Gianbeppi Fortis (CEO SOL30) and Koen Verbergt (CEO JFS)

Janssens Field Services (JFS) is a fast growing company that specializes in the comprehensive technical services for telecom operators, energy providers, IT integrators, hardware manufacturers and security companies. With a turnover of 29 million euros in 2015 and 500 highly trained technicians, JFS is a market leader in the Benelux market.

The founders of Janssens Field Services, joining the capital SOLUTIONS 30 thanks to this operation, the Directors and all employees in key positions will work closely with the management of SOLUTIONS 30 to develop commercial synergies across the combined customer base and for the integration of the operating platforms.

Commenting on this announcement, Koen Verbergt, Chairman and CEO and co-founder of Janssens Field Services, said: “We are impressed with the speed at which Gianbeppi Fortis and his teams have built SOLUTIONS 30 into the company we see today and we are extremely proud to be selected to operate and develop the Benelux market. Our combined commercial reach now covers almost 70% of the European market for home and business customers, with a single contract that applies to all our customers wherever the are—in Brussels, Paris, Stuttgart, Amsterdam, Milan or Madrid.

Joining SOLUTIONS 30 to step up our growth was the obvious choice for Janssens Field Services: we operate according to the same business model, the same principle of partnership with our customers and—most importantly—we share the same approach to valuing our human resources, since their expertise is what ensures we deliver an outstanding service day after day. In addition, SOLUTIONS 30’s experience in acquisitions will further accelerate our development in the Benelux market.”

For Gianbeppi Fortis, Chairman of the Executive Board of SOLUTIONS 30: “We are delighted to have finalised this tie-up with Janssens Field Services, a company we are familiar with since 2011. We are particularly impressed by the ability of the company’s founders and their teams to position the company as a leader in the provision of a range of technical services in the Benelux countries. We will build on Janssens Field Services’ expertise and market knowledge to increase our penetration of the Benelux market. The trend for our customers in Europe is consolidation into larger groups, making it essential for us to have the critical mass throughout the regions we cover to offer economies of scale.”




The SOLUTIONS 30 Group (ex PC30) is Europe’s leading provider of solutions for New Technologies. Its mission is to make the technological changes that transform our daily lives accessible to everyone, individuals and businesses alike: yesterday, computers and the Internet; today, digital; tomorrow, the technologies that will make the world ever more connected in real time. Since its founding, the Group has handled more than 7 million calls by drawing on a network of regional technicians. SOLUTIONS 30 currently covers the whole of France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Solutions 30 is listed on the Alternext market – ISIN FR0010263335 – code ALS30

For more information, go to www.solutions30.com

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