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The augmented complexity of field services makes it all the more challenging and expensive for companies and organizations to add them as a core capability in a cost-efficient way.

The customer experience at JFS is trend setting. What makes us unique? Our multi-skilled staff, our proven methodology and proprietary digital platform enable us to design Field Services that meet your current and future needs and to execute this services flawlessly.

Our mission? We deliver unrivalled customer experiences. That is our craftsmanship, the value of being ahead of things, of taking things a bit further, of doing that little bit more and striving for higher values. This attitude enables us to offer you the best quality at the highest flexibility against the lowest cost-to-serve.

These are the factors that makes us your partner par excellence in Field Service Outsourcing and which will enable you to diversify, to create a unique selling proposition and to build an enviable position towards your competitors.

Next to this, we are a reliable partner who can assist you at an externalisation or Management Buy Out of your current service organisation.


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Christophe Vervroegen
Chief executive officer & co-founder

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Marco Bielen
Chief business officer

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Raf Winnelinckx
Chief operating officer

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Pierre-Yves Lessire
Chief process officer

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We contribute to the cause

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an on-going improvement process. Companies volunteer willingly to take up their responsibilities to integrate economic, ecologic and social awareness in the business proceedings.

On-going improvement process:

  • Founding of the CSR taskforce in 2012

Economic awareness:

  • Encouraging and supporting entrepreneurship within the team as long as it contributes added value to the group strategy and growth: guidance of employees who wish to establish their own companies either by start-up or by spin off.

Ecologic awareness:

  • Reducing CO2 footprint
  • Choice for floor heating in the renovated offices
  • Feasibility study on renewable energy in the offices and warehouses

Social awareness:

  • Increasing employee participation
  • Committee of Safety and Health (already installed)
  • Welcoming committee new employees
  • Outplacement assistance for laid-off people or outplacement of people with job mismatch.
  • Support program for employees with burnout or bore-out.
  • Support program for people with problematic alcohol or drug use.


More information is to be found in our memorandum which can be downloaded here.

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