Christophe Vervroegen

Chief executive officer & co-founder


Education: technical courses for ICT and telecom and team coaching courses.

Passion: to build teams that are able to self-manage through good guidance and motivation. Motto: working is fun!.

Activities: member of the board of directors, member of the Field Operations team, member of the M&A team.

Leisure: travelling, having a beer or two, spending lots of time on the phone

Marco Bielen

Chief business officer


Education: informatics, telecom, security & electricity.

Passion: to make JFS a versatile and competitive company, continuously on the looking out for new additional horizontal as well as vertical business.

Activities: Member of the Executive Committee, FTTX & Security Expert, M&A team.

Leisure: mountain biking, road cycling, running, my daughter.

Raf Winnelinckx

Chief operating officer


Education: Mechanics & Electricity, Telecom, Coaching, People Management & Executive Development Program Vlerick Business School.

Passion: “Promoting “Make it work & Going the Extra Mile” attitudes, as well as achieving continuity & growth “with our people & for our people”.

Activities: Member of the Executive Committee, Expert Telecom, Coaching & People Management.

Leisure: oldtimers, sailing, , gastronomy, enjoying the good life.

Pierre-Yves Lessire

Chief process officer


Education: Bachelor ICT, Telecom, Coaching & People Management

Passion: JFS is a company that has the greatest efficiency and competitiveness in the continuous development of its services and services; a company where it is experiencing difficulties. The persons concerned must be independent and accountable. My motto:”be the best” -“order and discipline”.

Activities: Member of the Executive Committee, Expert Telecom, Coaching & Process Management.

Leisure: Running, swimming, mountain biking, skiing, football.

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