People make the difference

We screen and interview almost 1,200 candidates with the necessary basic technical skills each year. They are drawn to us by the nice working environment and want to be part of our team. But basic skills are not enough. We aim very high. Language skills, communication skills and work attitude are equally important. This way of screening results in quality.

Due to unique support systems, the quality can be brought to a higher level:

  • Our JFS Academy takes care of recruitment, selection, training, certification and follow up.
  • A sophisticated field support infrastructure (team coaches, team leaders, mentor technicians & domain experts) ensures competence management and individual tailor-made training and support.
  • Through a web portal, technicians follow up live KPI monitoring and self-coach.
  • Incentive programs based on individual and group score on KPI’s (first-time-right, net promotor score, …)
  • In-house End2End services (dispatch, call centre, platform, project management and logistics) for a seamless integration and superior End2End customer experience.

The extra mile

Top-notch technicians motivated and inspired by our mission
of delivering “smooth operations” = superior customer experiences.

Our clients

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