An eye towards the target

JFS is certainly not the employer paying the lowest wages on the market, but if you take time to look at the total net cost for your service operations, you will not find a cheaper one:

  • Our wide spread network nearing our customers almost at their doorsteps and our multifunctional staff in ‘blended project modus’ take care of lower transporting and traveling costs.
  • Our business model is performance based:
    • ‘No cure no pay’
    • Idle time, absent customers, cancellations, etc. will not be charged
  • Smooth operations takes care of lower retention costs and faster time-to-bill thanks to:
    • Highest % of OK interventions
    • Highest % of First-time-right interventions
    • Highest % Net Promotor Score
  • Proprietary digital platform enables us to implement a faster automation for a more efficient operations model.

The extra mile:

Our digital platform is free of charge!

Our clients

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